Born and bred in Durham, NC, Cracker and the Doctor brings you the perfect combination of psychedelic, surf rock, and blues. They may come from humble beginnings, but these men have high hopes for their four-piece rock band.

Corey Woods (vocals, guitar, drums), Chad Vickers (vocals, guitar, drums), and Joe Sabo (keys & tamborine) have been friends since high school. Woods and Vickers had been playing music since 1999 before Joe was brought into the mix in the summer of 2012. Andrew Johnston (bass) was a friend of Sabo’s who had also jammed with Woods and Vickers a few times prior to considering putting together a four piece. Nights spent drinking whiskey and messing around with different sounds quickly turned into a band, and in the summer of 2012 Cracker and the Doctor was officially playing on a regular basis and constructing songs.

Though these grown men have only played in a few areas outside of North Carolina so far, they’re hoping to involve more travel and continue playing as often as they can. Cracker and the Doctor has a unique, raw sound that is hard to come by, and they will only continue to bring you the best raw rock this side of the Mason-Dixon line.


Writing Raw

I have played music since I was thirteen and a half. I got my first guitar on Christmas of 2007. It was an acoustic Yamaha and I just put new…

4 New Show Dates Added

We’re pleased to announced 4 shows that have just been added to our 2014 roster. SAT – Feb 8, 2014 Columbia, SC – The Tin Roof FRI – Feb 21,…

Up And Running

As you can see, we’ve gotten a website. Stop here for news, tour dates, photos, videos, exclusive content, and free downloads. Be sure to check out our Audio page where…

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