Writing Raw

I have played music since I was thirteen and a half. I got my first guitar on Christmas of 2007. It was an acoustic Yamaha and I just put new strings on it this past Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014. She still sounds good. The root of my musical growth was influenced by a lot of old classic rock hits: Over the Hills and Far Away, Stairway to Heaven, Crossroads, Wish You Were Here, White Room, and anything by The Allman Brothers Band. I remember being moved to tears the first time I heard Southbound. At the time I didn’t know it, but I was essentially studying the emotional, rock side of, well, rock. The molding of my musical path came mostly from my guitar professor in high school and a few lessons here and there from a classical teacher down the street. Over time I became interested in more instruments – piano, drums, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, bass guitar, and even beat making until I owned each instrument that attracted my attention. My senior year of high school I was introduced to music theory, which is where I think I put myself on a different level as far as understanding why things are sounding the way they sound and what they should sound like. There was an underlying current, almost a formula for writing a pretty song. For writing a sad song. Finding the right rhythms to match. It was a world that made sense to me. It was like I found the answer and all of a sudden, music became a little less emotional, and a little more of a formula.

I’m happy that Chad Vickers and Corey Woods don’t know much about music theory.

They have been writing songs lesson-free their whole lives. Chords and riffs that I would have thought don’t fit, need only pass the ear test when Corey and Chad are writing. I would have put a G Major in If Only They Sold Whiskey On Sundays. You know where. Needless to say the sound they have created can only be claimed as their own, and it is incredible. Only time will have the answers on the road ahead for Cracker and the Doctor. Here is to longevity.

by Andrew Johnston (bassist)

4 New Show Dates Added

We’re pleased to announced 4 shows that have just been added to our 2014 roster.

SAT – Feb 8, 2014 Columbia, SC – The Tin Roof
FRI – Feb 21, 2014 Durham, NC – Phillips Research Park
SUN – Mar 2, 2014 Fayetteville, – NC The Rock Shop
SAT – Jun 21, 2014 Durham, – NC Summer Solace

Thanks to everyone that has come to our 2013 shows.

Up And Running

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